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1140 Funded Hours from August 2020
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1140 Funded Hours from August 2020


From August 2020 the number of funded hours your child is entitled to following their 3rd birthday is increasing to 1140 hours per year. Our places at Woodland Outdoor Kindergartens are limited and we are receiving a high number of enquiries for places from August 2020. Funded hours are provided at no cost to you.
Before August 2020, your child is eligible for up to 600 hours per year fully funded (900 hours for families with an income less than £45k). Many children currently attend our Kindergarten at no cost to their families. 
If you wish to apply for a place then we recommend you do so just as soon as you have decided on our Kindergarten. We may have previously advised you that there were no application timescales, however, due to the unexpected increase in demand for our places from August 2020 we would recommend completing the enrolment form asap. Funding applies from a child's 3rd birthday, or the month following their 3rd birthday if resident out with Glasgow.
Funded Hours 

At Woodland Outdoor Kindergartens we offer full day places; 10 hours from 8am to 6pm, across 51 weeks of the year. The Council are offering 1140 hours of funding divided across a 50 week year, which equates to 22.8 hours of funding each week. This means if you wish to allocate 20 hours of your weekly funding to your child’s place at WOK then your child can attend WOK two full days per week at no cost to you. If you wish to attend a third day, you can allocate your child’s remaining 2.8 hours to that day, and pay the remaining 7.2 hours directly to the Kindergarten at the current hourly rate.  


Split Placements 


Your child can access their funding across one or more registered services, you can either pay for these places privately or via funded hours. Please note that if you are also accessing funded hours at a term time only nursery, then the weekly entitlement will be adjusted to reflect this. Your child cannot claim more than 1140 hours per 50 weeks, pro rata for children who start after mid August. 


Funding allocation options at WOK – the minimum allocation is 2.5 funded hours per week, up to a maximum of 22.8 hours a week. Funded hours can be allocated in 0.5 hour blocks.  


NB If you allocate less than 10 hours of funding to a day at WOK, then the remaining hours will be invoiced at our hourly rate.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information. 
Kind regards, 
The WOK Team.

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