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Funding Follows the Child
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Funding Follows the Child


Funding Follows the Child


The next few months are a very exciting time for us at Woodland Outdoor Kindergartens as we move towards being able to offer up to 1140 of fully funded hours per year for every child under the Government’s new Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) scheme. Currently we can offer up to 600 hours per year at no cost; from August this will be increasing to 1140 hours. This means that from a child’s 3rd birthday, they can benefit from more than two full days (8am to 6pm) of learning and playing in our stimulating and natural woodland environments at absolutely no cost to families, over 50 weeks of the year. 


One of the most important aspects of this new scheme, is the principle of ‘Funding Follows the Child’. This means that regardless of which local authority a family lives in, children can access their fully funded hours at an ELC establishment of their choice, even if the setting is in another local authority.


So if you live in East Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire, South Lanarkshire, East Ayrshire or any other area of Scotland, we can offer up to 1140 hours of fully funded (free!) childcare at Woodland Outdoor Kindergartens for your child.


Our beautiful woodland settings, and experienced practitioners, provide warm and nurturing environments where children are supported to develop their independence, confidence, resilience and sense of self. We do this by allowing children to be leaders of their own learning and by supporting child led, risky play. We work in collaboration with Glasgow City Council and deliver a Curriculum for Excellence. Children who attend WOK are more than ready for school after their time out in the woods comes to an end…we just hope their new teachers are ready for them!


How does the funding work?


At Woodland Outdoor Kindergartens we offer full day places; 10 hours from 8am to 6pm, across 51 weeks of the year. The Council are offering 1140 hours of funding divided across a 50 week year, which equates to 22.8 hours of funding each week. This means if you wish to allocate 20 hours of your weekly funding to your child’s place at WOK then your child can attend WOK two full days per week at no cost to you. If you wish to attend a third day, you can allocate your child’s remaining 2.8 hours to that day, and pay the remaining 7.2 hours directly to the Kindergarten at the current hourly rate.  


Can I spilt the 1140 hours with another setting?


Yes. Your child can access their funding across one or more registered services and these settings can even be within different local authorities. At each setting you can either use only funded hours, pay for a place privately or use a combination of funding and self payment. Please note that if you are also accessing funded hours at a term time only nursery, the weekly entitlement will be adjusted to reflect this. Your child cannot claim more than 1140 hours per 50 weeks, pro rata for children who start after mid August. 


At WOK, the maximum allocation is 22.8 hours a week. There is no minimum number of hours that can be funded and funded hours can be allocated in 0.5 hour blocks.  NB If you allocate less than 10 hours of funding to a day at WOK, then the remaining hours will be invoiced at our hourly rate.


How do I find out more?


You can contact us here to find out more, arrange a visit or organise a free trial day. You can also read more about our Kindergarten on our website or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


Our places from August are limited, so if you would like your child to experience the unique benefits of an outdoor early education before starting school please conplete our enrolment form.


Hope to welcome you and your family to the woods soon!


Debbie, Alison and the WOK Team.


P.S. If we have already met, please forward this on to any friends and family you think might be interested to find out more. Thank you! :) 

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