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A Typical Day at W.O.K.
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A Typical Day at W.O.K.

The children arrive at our indoor accommodation between 8am and 9am, where they get their warm and waterproof clothing on and talk about and make plans for the day ahead.  The children make their way to the woodland via our contracted bus.


When we arrive at the woodland site, the children lead the way up to camp carrying their own rucksacks.  At camp, the staff carry out a risk assessment to ensure the children’s safety – the children also have their own “risk assessment” that they use.  We set up shelter (if required), our toilet and get camp just the way the children like it.  The children are supervised as they play and engage with the environment in a way which they have chosen for themselves.  Staff do not direct the learning activities – they stand back and watch to see what happens.  Adult interventions and interactions are well measured to provide support if needed to ensure that children are empowered to be the motivators and directors of their own learning.


At approximately 11.30am children will be invited to wash their hands and visit the toilet in preparation for lunchtime.   Children sit in a circle and staff eat with the children and chat with them about their interests.  This also provides an opportunity for children to reflect on the day so far.


After lunch the children are able to decide whether they want to continue to play and learn in camp or perhaps go on an adventure/nature walk.  Some like to relax and enjoy a story after lunchtime.


The children have a snack at 2.30pm in the camp and then choose their own activities until it is time to start packing up the camp to return to the indoor accommodation.


Back at the indoor accommodation, children are responsible for getting out of their waterproof clothing and wellies and ensure that all their belongings are stored safely in their bags.  Staff chat to the children about their day, helping the children to reflect on their learning.  This documentation will inform the information which goes into each child’s Famly Learning Journal.  


Staff provide verbal feedback to parents/carers at the end of each day. Parents have access to the Famly app which contains photos and detail of what their child is learning and experiencing in the woods.  


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