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We will answer our most frequently asked questions here - but please get in touch if you want to know anything else!

What do you do if it rains?

This is our most commonly asked question!  The children are all provided with high quality rain coats and dungarees to ensure they are kept warm and dry.  The woodland canopy provides us with excellent shelter and we use tarpaulins for additional shelter when the children are sitting down for lunch/snacks or when participating in a static activity.  The children love splashing in puddles and mixing up mud paint in order to face or tree paint in the rain….so we would struggle to keep them underneath shelter all of the time!

Are you really outside all of the time, in all weathers?

We spend up to 80% of our day outdoors.  We typically leave the indoor accommodation around 9am and return at 5pm.   All of the children are suitably dressed for the outdoors (including thermal layers and ski wear in the winter), just like if their parents were taking them skiing or if they lived in a colder climate.  We remain outdoors in all weather conditions, continuously adapting our camps and shelters accordingly and educating the children on how to cope in challenging weather.  We do not remain within the woodland if there is high wind, due to the risk of falling branches, however we remain outdoors in rain, sunshine and snow…..the learning opportunities available in varying weather conditions are endless!  We have our indoor accommodation available to us throughout the day, in case of severe weather conditions.

What do you do if a child needs to sleep?

All children have the opportunity to sleep or rest throughout the day.  We have hammocks and sleeping bags that the children sleep in, regardless of the weather.  On dry days, they can drift off to sleep whilst looking at the trees and birds above, and on wet days they are kept cosy and dry under a tarpaulin.

Are the children provided with lunch?

All children are provided with a hot lunch, afternoon snack and milk.  

My child already attends another nursery, can he come to you one day a week?

Yes, of course.  The majority of our children attend the kindergarten between one and three days per week.  Some do not require additional childcare on the other days, whilst others also attend an indoor nursery, childminder or their local council nursery school.  Often children ‘drop’ sessions at their existing nursery in order to gain from the huge benefits that true outdoor learning has to offer.  Council funding can be used across more than one childcare setting.

Do children have to be toilet trained before they start at the kindergarten?

No.  We have a number of children who are currently being toilet trained.  In the woods we have a portable toilet system, to enable children to freely access the toilet throughout the day.  Assistance is given as required.

Are you monitored by the Care Inspectorate?

Yes, our services are inspected by the Care Inspectorate like all early learning and childcare services.  

Our south-side kindergarten registration number is CS2009228879.  Our west end registration number is CS2015336710.

Can I access funding for my child's place at the kindergarten?

Yes.  We are in partnership with Glasgow City Council can offer funded places.  This means that your child can enjoy the benefits of our kindergarten at no cost to you.

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