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Our Ethos
Est 2009

Our Ethos

The outdoor nursery concept is not new, in fact it was first developed over fifty years ago in Germany and Scandinavia where they are now commonplace.  Taking learning outdoors gives children the opportunity to learn in an ever changing environment where the colours, temperature, textures, sounds and wildlife within their outdoor classroom change daily, creating a more sensory and stimulating learning experience and offering great challenge.


At Woodland Outdoor Kindergartens, we believe that playing outside for prolonged periods allows children more freedom to explore and gain a practical understanding of the world around them, allowing them to reconnect with nature.  Our children are able to investigate curriculum areas like literacy, numeracy and science through real world examples and first hand experience.  However, and perhaps more importantly, outdoor play also significantly enhances the development of their emotional intelligence e.g. self-confidence, resilience, problem solving, team work and leadership…skills that are essential to the well rounded education that is vital for life beyond the classroom.


Everyday life always involves a degree of risk and we feel that it is important that children learn how to cope with this.  Young children who are sheltered from risk and challenge will not be able to make judgements about their own capabilities and are likely to find their play areas uninteresting and use them in inappropriate ways, which can become dangerous.  Therefore we encourage and support our children to engage in managed risk and challenge, such as learning how to negotiate natural hazards (e.g. ice, tree roots, slippery slopes) and learning how to use tools and equipment safely and purposefully.  The staff team at Woodland Outdoor Kindergartens is committed to promoting a ‘have a go’ attitude and encouraging the children to be resourceful, inventive and creative.  We understand how competent pre school children can be and how well they respond to being trusted with responsibility, thus boosting their self confidence and self esteem.


Our Aims:

  • To offer a unique, alternative approach to pre school education
  • To provide genuine child-led play and learning experiences in a safe and stimulating real world, natural environment
  • To develop children into confident, eager and enthusiastic learners who are looking forward to starting school
  • To successfully deliver a Curriculum for Excellence
  • To work in partnership with Glasgow City Council to provide funded pre school places to all families who choose outdoor education for their 3 to 5 year old

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